Yes Disney, But More Than Disney

So my family and I are the type of people who love the NC mountains, love BBQ, love to chill, and love to make much of Jesus’ name. We also love Orlando, and I know a lot of people equate Orlando with Disney, so let’s get this Mickey Mouse thing out of the way. Yes we have Disney, yes it’s awesome, yes the lines are long, and yes people in those lines smell and rub their sweaty arms all up on you. I hate that last part! I call that “Disney Gehenna!”

Yet there’s way more to O-town than Disney. We have Universal Studios, Sea World, The Orlando Eye, The Orlando Aquarium, and endless amounts of activities in the area. If you’re an outdoors person like me, then there’s numerous fresh water springs to swim in, swamplands to explore, and some of North America’s most beautiful beaches are only 45 minutes away. The activities in Orlando are truly endless.

A Millennial Epi-Center

Orlando boasts of things to do, but it also has a huge potential for gospel advancement. We are home to the University of Central Florida, the 2nd largest university in the country and one of the fastest growing. With over 60,000 students representing 50 states and 120 countries, we believe planting a church near UCF will allow us to take the gospel onto campus, into other cities, and to the nations.

This isn’t just a desire for me, it’s a necessity. There are more than 78 million Americans categorized as “Millennials,” people born between the early 80’s & early 2000’s, making millennials the largest generation our country has ever seen. With only 15% of millennials being Christian, we are on the verge of experiencing a tsunami of non-Christian ideology that will affect our nation for generations. That makes this not just a millennial issue, but a cross-generational issue. Rather than running from the storm, we are praying for Jesus to calm the storm as we seek to plant a church in a millennial epicenter.

Yet I don’t want us to overlook what’s behind these stats, because what’s behind these stats are real people, with real faces, and real names. I was one of those names. I was an atheist in college, God saved me through my wife, and now we are planting a cross-generational church that will take the Gospel to the nations. The stats are real, the people behind the stats are real, and the millennial tsunami is coming. It’s going to take ALL generations to help us plant a church that will not only proclaim the Gospel, but will also be an active presence of the Gospel in East Orlando. If God could be calling you to join us in this vision, I’d love to connect with you. To do that click HERE & indicate your interest in the Orlando church plant.

Louis Tamburro serves as a Church Planting Resident with Summit Network and will be planting a church in East Orlando, FL. You can connect with Louis on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.