This weekend at The Summit Church and next weekend at Chapel Hill Bible Church, 80 people will be commissioned to plant two new churches. Spence Shelton and his family, along with 42 others, will be sent from the Summit Church to start Mercy Church in Charlotte, NC. Chase Gardner and his family, along with 28 others, will be commissioned from the Summit and Chapel Hill Bible to plant Emmaus in Asheville, NC.

Sending is never easy. It requires sacrifice. These people represent friends and family that will leave large holes behind them. They have served as key leaders and faithful members at their churches. But they are sent out with joy and excitement, because their churches know this is how God grows his kingdom.

A few things we’re celebrating in particular:

  • These represent the 24th and 25th churches we will have helped plant in North America.
  • A couple of years ago, God gave us a vision to plant in the 12 largest college towns in North Carolina. With these two teams, we will have planted in 8 out of 12 of those cities.
  • The Asheville plant represents the first time we’ve had two churches partner together to plant. Emmaus Asheville consists of people from both the Summit Church and Chapel Hill Bible.
  • In addition to the 80 being sent out, there are another 53 people already on the ground that have already committed to join these plants, many of them former members of these churches.

Join us in thanking God for what he’s already done to build his church in these two cities!

To find out more about how you can get connected to or pray for Mercy Charlotte or Emmaus Asheville, check out their websites: and