Explosive Growth

The fuse has been lit & the northeast corridor of Charleston, SC is about to see explosive growth. Roads are being expanded, bridges are being replaced, and new public schools are being built. A zip code currently home to just under 12,000 people will be home to more than 50,000 over the next ten years.  As thousands of people move into Charleston we want to engage them with the gospel.  We believe the best way to do that is the planting of a gospel-centered church, filled with people living on mission, for the sake of the city.

The Holy City

During the colonial period, Charleston was nicknamed “The Holy City” because of its religious tolerance and steeple-spiked skyline. It was a destination for many who fled persecution in both Europe and the northeastern colonies.

Today, Charleston remains a destination spot, but these days it gets more attention for being a foodie destination, for being the home to four universities, for it’s growing tech industry, and for (once again) being voted the “#1 City in North America” by Travel + Leisure.

Look past the Chamber of Commerce weather and the postcard sights, however, and you’ll begin to see the needs… Charleston is a city still struggling to overcome a long history of racial and socio-economic divisions. It’s a city filled with driven people sacrificing their families on the altars of career and lifestyle. It’s a city swelling with transplants who have yet to find the type of authentic community they left behind “back home.” It’s a city that is far from being holy… it’s a city that needs to see the gospel on display in the lives of ordinary Christians!

Join Us

We need men and women who want to do more than just take all that Charleston has to offer (which, admittedly, is a lot!); we need Christians committed to living on mission for the city, not just in the city! So…

Are you a recent college grad? USA Today ranked Charleston a Top-15 Post-College Town! Ready to retire? Forbes ranked Charleston a Top-25 Retirement Destination!  Newly Married? Fodor’s ranked Charleston the #4 Most Romantic Getaway in the World!  Small Business owner? Ready to apply for medical or dental school? Love being on the water? Charleston has you covered!

You have to live somewhere, right? Why not live somewhere great, and do so intentionally and strategically for the mission of God? If you’d like to know more about how you can join us to plant the gospel in an exploding corner of Charleston, SC, click here.