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Do you call Mercy Hill your church home?

It’s common to refer to the church you regularly attend as “my church” or “my home church.”  It’s the church where you feel that you belong. And the church you invite others to.  Thinking of a church in this way should heighten our responsibility for its wellbeing.

I was reminded of this when I recently asked one of our volunteers why she served. I was curious to hear her answer because she is always so happy and engaging as she serves. I can tell volunteering on our seating team is life-giving to her.  Here’s her response:

I serve because this is where my family is. I want people to walk in and know they are safe and welcome. The church should be our refuge. So I serve in order to see that purpose revealed.

– Bethany Jones, Covenant Member and Volunteer

I love that! The church is our family (cf. Ephesians 2:19). I am daily encouraged by the people of Mercy Hill who I see regularly give of themselves and invest time and resources for the wellbeing of their church. It showcases the beauty of Christ’s Bride and makes the Gospel attractive and compelling.

So if you do call Mercy Hill your church home, I encourage you to invest yourself in her wellbeing with a renewed responsibility for your family. Maybe that means committing to more regularly attend a Community Group. Maybe for you it means giving financially. Or maybe it means signing up to volunteer during our Sunday gatherings.  So whatever your current commitment is to you church family let me invite you to take the next step.

Bryan Miller (@strengthingrace) is the Missions & Connections Pastor at Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro N.C. For more information about Mercy Hill Church visit