Our vision is to plant a church in every major college town in North Carolina and in the most influential cities along the I-95 Corridor.  Every few weeks we will high-light one of those places.

Miami,Miami_collage_20110330 FL

You probably know that the beautiful beaches and vibrant night life of Miami have made the city a hot spot for businesses, athletes, and celebrities alike…but what you might not know is that Miami has become one of the most international cities in the United States.  With 59% of its residents born outside of the U.S. Miami is commonly called the “Capital of Latin America”.

Known more as a cultural mosaic than a melting pot people groups that move to Miami typically retain a strong connection to their native culture even after multiple generations. This tendency has produced pockets of vibrant cultural expression throughout the city and has made Miami one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States.

In the midst of an economic and population boom, Miami is experiencing a great spiritual decline; it is estimated that nearly 5.4 of the 5.6 million people that live in the metro Miami area are un-churched.  Though Miami residents are surrounded by natural reflections of the goodness and glory of God more and more they are turning to created things which will never satisfy.  Miami needs ministers of the gospel who will contextualize the good news to the many different nations living in The Magic City; people who will show that there is a God behind the beauty of the city and that God is worthy of worship.

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