Our eight 2017 North American church plants have officially been sent off, closing out this year’s residency. Two churches were commissioned last weekend at The Summit Church, with a special guest, Sam James. Sam James is the founding pastor of Homestead Heights Baptist Church, which later became the Summit. He preached one sermon at Homestead Heights before being sent himself. The James family served in Vietnam for 40 years leaving The Summit Church and Summit Network with a legacy of faith and urgency to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Sending out our best is always a bittersweet moment. The people sent from The Summit Church are key leaders, and they will be missed. We have learned that for every one person sent, twenty new people will end up worshipping in a new city. This year, the Summit sending 50 people to Atlanta with Mike McKee and Orlando with Cam Triggs. That means approximately 1,000 people—most of whom aren’t in church at all right now—will be worshipping in Atlanta and Orlando in the next few years, all because of the “yes” that these people have put on the table.

For the first time, 18 people from Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro are going to Orlando with Cam as well. The Summit planted Mercy Hill just five years ago, and now they are joining in planting 1,000 churches in our generation.

This is only a small part of our sending. Summit Network is planting at least eight churches this year—in places like Miami, Cincinnati, and DC. If you’re thinking of moving, it’s worth checking to see if we’re planting a church where you’re going!

After 15 years into our vision to plant 1,000 churches, we are one quarter of the way there. We have planted 227 churches to date: 34 in the United States, 193 internationally, and these eight churches will bring us up to 235. That’s something to celebrate!

Sending was written into the DNA of our church from the very beginning.