In honor of MLK Day, Desiring God is offering a free copy of John Piper’s recent book Bloodlines. Bloodlines tells Piper’s own story of his journey from racism to redemption.

Here’s an exercept from Tim Keller’s forward to the book:

One of the reasons I think this book is so important is that conservative evangelicals (particularly white ones) seem to have become more indifferent to the sin of racism during my lifetime. Why? One reason, of course, is the stubbornness of the sinful heart. We never want to hear about what is wrong with us. Another factor may be cultural. Many have made racism and prejudice virtually the only thing they will still call a “sin,” and they often lay the guilt for the sin of racism at the doorstep of those who are social conservatives. Because of that, many who identify themselves as conservatives simply don’t want to hear about racism anymore. They give lip service to it being a sin, but they associate any sustained denunciation of racism with the liberal or secular systems of thought. John’s book is a strong antidote to this misconception. His motivation is simply as a preacher of the Word to bring to light what God says in it regarding race and racism.

HERE is a link to where you can download a free PDF version of the book. Thanks to Desiring God for making this available.