sending-capacity-cover1Many churches measure “success” by one criteria: How large are we? What’s the attendance? How many people did we baptize?

On one hand, those metrics are valuable. Numbers represent lives, and each life matters. If we care about people, we’ll want to keep track of how our church is reaching people.

But over the last several years, The Summit Church (Raleigh-Durham, NC) has been on a journey to embrace another metric as the true measure of the church’s success: sending capacity.

That journey began with a single conviction: that the key to reaching the world is founding in sending. Jesus revealed this when he SENT his disciples into the world. The real mission of the church isn’t merely gathering converts, but making and sending disciples.

Over the years we’ve come to embrace sending capacity, not seating capacity, as the true measure of our church’s success, and we’ve found, ironically, that the church actually gains the most when it sends its best.

We have captured part of that journey in a FREE ebook, which our friends at Exponential are giving away as part of Exponential 2015. This ebook serves as a prelude for J.D. Greear’s upcoming book Gaining by Losing. In it, we unpack 5 tensions that every church faces in building a culture of multiplication and how the Summit has navigated those tensions.

You can download this FREE resource HERE.

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