Content from Advance13 is now live!
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It’s been said that books don’t change lives. Sentences do. Here are a few of the best sentences from ADVANCE13:

“We have regained the fluency of speaking the gospel, but not capacity to apply it.” – Tyler Jones

“God’s purpose is not less than the forgiveness of my sins, but it is more.” – Steve Timmis

“We have a screwed up definition of manhood.  Possums provide food and shelter for their offspring.  Is that really the bar we want to set for manhood?” – John Bryson

“What blows people away is not always the gospel preached from the front but the gospel seen in the seats.” – Bryan Lorrits

“My whole goal in preparing people to find their joy in Christ is to prepare them for when they will have no joy but Christ.” – John Piper

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