Target Cities

Raising up future generations of leaders.

Our vision is to reach college towns and major cities. We focus on college towns to reach and raise up future generations of leaders. We focus on major cities because of their strategic influence and growing population of unreached people. We strive to plant alongside faithful churches that already exist in these cities while following the leadership of the Spirit in planting outside of this list.

College Towns

Boone, NCAppalachian State University
Located at 3,000 feet above sea level it’s hard to imagine Boone reaching new heights. But as the town attracts national attention for its growing university, its bluegrass culture, and its breathtaking landscape, Boone is doing just that. Over the last decade, Appalachian State University has expanded while retirees from across the U.S. have flocked to Boone, making the town one of the fastest growing in America, but since 2000 there has been a 4% decline in Evangelical Christians; “The Heart of the High-Country” needs to be reborn.
Athens, GAUniversity of Georgia
You probably know about UGA’s reputation for athletic prowess and campus life.  But you might not know that Athens has become a hub for research, small business launches and is one of the fastest growing towns in GA.  There is massive potential in Athens to plant a church that reaches both residents & reaches, disciples and sends college students out on mission across North America and the world.
Fairfax, VAGeorge Mason University
Fairfax, VA is home to many of Washington, D.C.’s most influential leaders and 35,000 of it’s future movers and shakers. With high ethnic diversity, the largest university in Virginia and a population that is less than 10% evangelical – Fairfax is both in need of and is a strategic location for a gospel centered church.
Providence, RIBrown University
Providence, RI is a rare and compelling combination of a city. It’s home to some of the most historic and prestigious universities in the country, situated stunningly on the Atlantic Coast and is a nice size (180k population) and because it’s 45 minutes from Boston and hosts so many graduates it’s a very influential city. As a center of progressive activism and with an evangelical population of less than 5% Providence is a compelling location to plant a church.

Major Cities

The Windy City is one of the most influential in the world. With a wide array of industries, the world’s busiest airport, and a highly diverse population, what happens in Chicago echoes around the globe. Though historically Chicago has been a center of revival, it’s currently in need of a gospel awakening as less than 10% of this ever-growing metropolis are Evangelical Christians.
The Mile High City is understandably one of the fastest growing cities in America: it’s thirty minutes from the Rockies, ranked the #1 city for Business by Forbes magazine, and offers both the best in sports and culture. Denver is a popular destination for young professionals and should be for church planters as less than 1% of the population professes to be Christian.
Known for its world-class beaches and up-tempo nightlife, Miami has become a magnet for sports icons, retirees, and international immigrants alike. Dubbed the “Capital of Latin America,” and with 59% of its population born outside of the U.S., Miami is a city full of diversity. As the nations flow into Miami there is a great need for gospel-centered and multi-ethnic churches; it is estimated that more than 4.5 million Miami residents do not know the love of Christ.
New York City
As the most populated and globally-connected city in the United States, there’s no place like the Big Apple. As the nation’s financial, commercial, and cultural capital it’s difficult to fully express the national and global influence that New York exerts. With nearly eight-hundred different languages spoken by New York City residents, the nations have come to NYC. But “The City that Never Sleeps” needs a gospel-awakening—only four out of every one-hundred New Yorkers know the love of Christ. Simply put, New York City is one of the most strategic and least reached cities in the World.
Las Vegas
You’ve probably heard of Vegas’ luxury casinos & mind-blowing shows, but you may not know that the city’s low cost of living, growing job market and 310 days of annual sunshine have made it one of the fastest growing metroplexes in the country. The city is in many ways “Pre-Christian”, it’s characterized by the shocking realities of a culture unengaged by the gospel and the opportunity to reach thousands who have never heard of Christ. When the pleasures of sin fail there is a powerful opportunity for the gospel to redeem.
“Gospel” is a common word in Detroit, it refers to the music that used to radiate from the city but many of the church buildings that housed the country’s greatest Gospel singers now sit empty. Economic hardship and spiritual decline have left a mark on Detroit but Motor City is showing signs of new life. A revitalization movement is underway as thousands of young professionals have moved into Detroit’s downtown as the city’s economy is once again growing. The residents of Detroit and thousands of Arab citizens living in nearby Dearborn, MI need the gospel to once again radiate from Motor City.
Strong wills and the American Dream have created an empty religion of self-reliance in the Steel City. The University of Pittsburgh is no different. Pitt is a research haven for thousands of international students among the 28,000 total enrollment (with a total city population of more than 300,000), yet is ignorant of the Gospel. As the world studies in this thriving metropolis, who will take the message of ultimate satisfaction to them? Pittsburgh was recently named one of the eleven most livable cities in the world and boasts rich culture, education, healthcare, and technology resources as the largest city in Appalachia.