We were honored (and more than a little surprised) to be used as a case study during the Exponential East conference earlier this year, in Orlando. The theme of the conference focused on the question, “How do we put to death our human passion for addition-growth, opting instead for a more healthy Kingdom growth focused on multiplication?”

This first video is an interview with J.D. Greear talking about his (often painful) journey toward the idea that sending capacity, not seating capacity, is the measure of our church’s success:

This second video features Andrew Hopper, pastor of Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro (one of our Summit Network churches), talking about reproducing a sending DNA in a young church:

And here’s Spence Shelton, pastor of Mercy Church in Charlotte, NC (another Network church), talking about what it looks like to recruit and build a church planting team:

If you missed out on Exponential East, it’s not too late to jump on board with Exponential West. Join Pastor J.D. and 3,000 other church planting leaders in sunny Los Angeles next month. (For more, check out their site here.)